Hi my name’s Kasey! I’m a multi-talented designer based in LA currently working for Magnetic. Enjoy.

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26 Lives

With various personal projects floating around the internet I was inspired to challenge myself by creating an alphabet book to help my nephew learn. I started 26 Lives to combine my love for typography and illustration. Since then the series of work has been permanently installed at the Art Institute of North Hollywood and featured on Behance.
Personal Project

Designer / Illustrator


Monster Energy

Monster Energy Valentines Promo

Monster Energy came to us with the idea of creating a Valentines day promo. We had the idea of mounting prints to wood and adding hand embellishments. Oh. Yeah. Did I say that we needed to do 250 of these bad boys? After a couple long days, a few energy drinks and burritos we nailed it! As part of the giveaway the art was published through social media to help the contest gain traction.

1 weekend / 250 panels / 500 characters

Art Direction / Artist

Collaborating Artist:
Steve Tipton




Monster Energy

Monster Energy came to us to paint a double decker bus for the 116th Street Puerto Rican festival in Harlem. We presented the concept to Monster and then flew out to New York to bust it out in 8 Hours. The following day we took pride in watching our creation cruise through time square for the Puerto Rican Parade. The trip was excellent and the crowds response was even better.

8 hours / two-sided double decker bus


Collaborating Artists:
Steve Tipton, Juan Albor


True North

I had the opportunity to illustrate the phrase “True North,” words to live by for the branding agency Magnetic Creative. The type design was used on various pieces. For me, True North is the ability to better yourself and try to be the best you can. Whether it’s working on being a great artist, a better listener, or just taking better care of yourself. True north is reaching for your potential.
Magnetic Creative

Designer / Illustrator

David Carrillo
Dave Korinek

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